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Anyone who believes their phone has been stolen should file a police report. Those with insurance are obligated to file a police report in order to process their insurance claim. If you do not have insurance, it is still advised you file a report to clear the contract holder of any fraudulent or unlawful activity that may have occurred after the phone was stolen. Regardless of the country in which your phone was stolen, you can still file a police report in Spain.

To file a report:


Two methods to contact Spanish Police:

  • Call the Spanish Police Department at 902-102-112, this option is only available in certain cities within Spain. You will still be required to sign the report at your local police department.
  • If calling the Spanish Police is not an option, visit your local police department.

Police report must contain the following information:

  • Name of Contract Holder
  • Device Model (e.g. Nokia 6120 Classic)
  • Phone number (e.g. 612345678)
  • IMEI number (e.g. 353930005816456)

Provide RealCom Abroad with a copy of the Police Report.

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