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How do I call from Spain to the US?

Dial 00 + 1 + US Phone number

How do I call from the US to Spain?

Dial 011 + 34 + RealCom Abroad Phone number

How can I activate/deactivate my voicemail?

To access your voice mail, please dial 123 or 22500

What does the insurance cover?

Insurance Policies Available:

Available for standard cell phone devices and USB internet modems.

Insurance Conditions:
In case of theft/damage the insurance will cover the full replacement on the first claim. In the event of any additional claims, customer will be charged a fee of 40 €. In case of theft, no replacement phone will be issued until a copy of a police report documenting the incident has been provided to RealCom Abroad including RealCom Abroad phone number, IMEI number, and device type (e.g. phone number 608141415, IMEI 359754211917825 , device Nokia 2730 Classic). In the case of a reported theft, the IMEI number will be used to block phone service on the cell phone in question so as to render it unusable from that point on. In addition, customers holding the optional insurance coverage may return damaged or defective phones upon termination of the contract at no extra cost.
Be sure to report your phone stolen/lost as soon as possible since insurance doesn't cover any charges due to misuse of the line.

Available for smartphones and tablets

Insurance Conditions:
iPhone 3 and 4: For a one-time 75 € fee, policy covers broken and damaged devices.BlackBerry and other smarthphones: For a one-time 50 € fee, policy covers broken and damaged devices.Insurance Conditions: In case of break/damage the insurance will cover the full replacement on the first claim. In the event of any additional claims, customer will be subject to a deductible fee of 100 € (iPhones) and 75€ (BlackBerry and other smartphones). If a claim has never been made, customers holding the optional insurance coverage may return damaged or defective phones upon termination of the contract at no extra cost.IMPORTANT: Insurance does not cover lost/stolen devices or fraudulent account usage. Customers will be charged the amount indicated on the "Item Delivery Form" for lost/stolen devices.

Is there a spending limit on my phone?

Due to security reasons all our phones have a pre-established spending limit. Once you reach this limit, you will be unable to make phone calls and send text messages. However, you will be able to receive calls and texts messages. You will receive a text message indicating you are approaching your limit. Please note that the pre-established limit can be exceeded while placing and while roaming.

Can I use my own cell phone and just rent a SIM card?

Yes. You can rent a SIM card, but please keep in mind that RealCom Abroad SIM cards will only work with an unlocked cell phone. We recommend you contact your wireless company to make sure your device is unlocked. An unlocked phone is a phone that can be used with any SIM card from any network. Most cell phone companies install special "locking" software on their phones that prevents the phones from being used with any other network's SIM card.

Can I use a pre-paid calling card?

We highly advise you to avoid the use of calling cards when using a RealCom Abroad phone line. Most calling card companies will charge you a high connection fee in addition to the use of the calling card minutes.

Do you offer a pre-paid service?

At this time we only provide a pre-set usage plan, with competitive rates and no long-term contracts required.

How do I return my cell phone?

Once your travels have ended you should bring your phone and all accessories to any RealCom Abroad representative office. The device should be functional and damage-free. RealCom Abroad will charge your credit card for the value of any item that is missing, broken or damaged upon return, up to a maximum of the retail value indicated on the "Item Delivery Form".

Can I extend my contract?

We welcome contract extensions! You can request a contract extension from your My Account>Wireless Package. Click on the "Contract end date" and enter the new desired date. Once this request has been processed, you will need to go to a RealCom Abroad representative office and sign a new contract. On your contract end date, your service will be terminated, resulting in a loss of service.

What's the difference between a plan and pay as you go?

1.With a plan, you have a predetermined monthly allowance of minutes and texts at a set monthly rate. The monthly cost of the plan also includes your phone rental. If you exceed the minutes or texts included in your plan, you will be charged according to our overage fees.

2.With a pay-as-you-go package, charges accumulate for the texts and minutes you use according to our pay as you go rates and you are billed at the end of each billing cycle. You are also required to pay a monthly rental fee for the mobile device you choose.

3.Check out our rates to determine which option is best for you!

Do plans include a rental fee or is it an additional charge?

The monthly cost of your plan includes a rental device for your use while in Spain.

Is insurance a monthly fee?

Insurance is a one time fee and covers your rental device as described in our terms and conditions.

How are you shipping my phone to me?

If you know the address at which you will be staying while in Spain, we can ship your mobile device directly to you so you will have it upon your arrival. In the case of some partnership programs wireless packages are shipped to the representative office.

Does the contract start the day I sign up for or the day I arrive?

The contract for Pay as you Go services begins the day you receive your device. If you selected a Plan, then the contract begins on the day you indicated you would be arriving in Spain.

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