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SIM Card locked: If you enter a wrong PIN number three times, for security reasons, the SIM Card will be locked.

To unlock SIM card:

  1. Enter PUK number (8 digits)
  2. Re-enter your PIN number (4 digits)
  3. Confirm your PIN number

Note: The PIN number is the four (4) digit number and PUK number is the eight (8) digit number that can be found on the code card provided to you. PIN and PUK numbers can also be found in your “My Account” under “My Wireless Package.”


SIM Card not registered: If your SIM Card has just been changed, it may need some time to complete the registration process. If this is not the case, you may need to replace the SIM Card.

To replace your SIM card:

Contact a RealCom Abroad representative or Access your “My Account”

  1. “My Account”
  2. Select “My Mail”
  3. Select “Technical Support,” provide explanation of issue


My personal/U.S. cell phone does not recognize my rental SIM Card: If your device is not recognizing your RealCom Abroad SIM Card your phone may not be properly unlocked. Please contact your US cell phone carrier to request the unlock code.


Trouble making calls and/or sending text messages.

Potential reasons:

  • Outstanding Balance: An outstanding balance may result in temporary suspension of services until the amount is paid. Log-in to your “My Account” and check “My Invoices.” Once any outstanding balances have been paid, the service will be re-established.

  • Reached limit: If you have reached the spending limit established, your service will be temporarily suspended until the next billing cycle begins. You can also restore service by requesting a “Clear My Balance” and paying the amount indicated.

If you would like to clear your balance:

  1. Access “My Account”
  2. Click “My Balance” tab
  3. Click “Clear My Balance” icon
  4. You will receive a notification containing the accumulated balance up to that moment
  5. Pay the accumulated balance
  6. Once your balance is paid, your pre-established spending balance will be reinstated and your service will resume


Before plugging your USB Modem into your computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest installation software version here: http://www.movil.movistar.es/descargaaplicaciones/descargaaplicaciones.html
  2. Scroll down to “Escritorio MoviStar”
  3. Select your operating system in the first drop down menu. (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  4. Once you have selected your operating system, click on the link labeled “Descargar,” which is directly to the right of said drop down menu and your download will begin. When the download is complete, install the file
  5. Select the basic installation
  6. When prompted to select connection type, select “Mobile Internet USB Card or Modem”
  7. Then select USB Modem brand, your software will begin installing
  8. When the installation is complete, restart your computer.
  9. Open the newly installed application, “Escritorio MoviStar”
  10. Plug in your USB Modem
  11. When requested, enter your PIN (4-digit code, located on the SIM card). Click “Connect”

*Check your virus protection and firewall software for potential conflicts

For further support, please contact RealCom Abroad customer service via “My Account”

  1. Access “My Account”
  2. Select “Technical Support”
  3. Provide a short description of the issue with your USB modem

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